American Shorthair

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This is an adaptable and easy going cat that will love cuddles and affection but will also cope with some time alone. Not overly talkative or demanding.

In appearance, the American Shorthair is a strongly built, well-balanced, symmetrical cat with a look that indicates power, endurance and agility. They are medium to large in size with a solid body and wide chest with thick hind legs. Their heads are oblong in shape with a wide face, wide-set ears and round eyes.


The American Shorthair was developed from Native American working cats, whose ancestors are the cats that came to North America with the early pioneers from Europe. There are records that indicate that several cats arrived on the “Mayflower”. These cats were brought along to hunt rats that ate the ship’s food supplies and were first prized for their hunting abilities. Over the years, these native shorthairs flourished and became valued for their beauty and affectionate, loving natures.

American Shorthairs were the first pedigree breed recognised in the United States. Originally known as the Domestic Shorthair, in 1966 the name American Shorthair was chosen to better represent this American cat and differentiate this native breed from any other shorthaired cats.

This breed is known for its longevity and robust health. On average, American Shorthairs live fifteen to twenty years and achieve full growth at approximately three to four years old. Males are significantly larger than females sometimes reaching eleven to fifteen pounds in weight while mature females can reach eight to twelve pounds in weight.

American Shorthair cats are a very healthy and hardy cat that need standard good quality feline care to thrive.

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Possible Genetic Disorders of the American Shorthair Cat
No known genetic health issues.

Best Suited
American Shorthairs are best suited to those who can provide responsible cat care with a safe home and loving environment.