Australian Mist

Australian Mist 2

The Australian Mist Cat is a relatively new cat breed. It was first created by Truda Straeda. There is nothing extreme about the Australian Mist, they are of moderate size, medium boned, rounded of head, with large eyes and ears. As pets they are perfect with children and the elderly. They are happy to be handled and do not scratch or bite. As kittens they are playful and are said to become a bit more mature as they get older.

The Australian mist is a combination of three cat breeds. The Abyssinian, the Burmese and The Domestic Short Hair. This breed is known for it’s even temperament, sense of humour and loving nature. It is said to have inherited the Burmese cats ‘laid back’ nature. The Abyssian’s striking fur and the hardiness of the Domestic Short Hair.

The Australian Mist is a short-hair cat with a spotted coat. As its name suggests, this cat was originally bred in Australia. This is a cat breed that is expected to live to their mid to late teens with very few health issues. In this video Don Burke and vet Dr Chris Brown take a look at a friendly and affectionate cat breed, the Australian Mist.


The coat is short, but resilient, the tail is plumply furred. The colours are warm brown, blue, chocolate, lilac, gold and peach; the pattern is of delicate spots or intricate marbled swirls against a misty ground, with legs and tail ringed and barred, and the face lined. Eyes are large and expressive in a range of greens. The nose, chin and whisker pads are broad giving the face a generous expression.

Australian Mists thrive on human contact, making them happy to remain indoors between dusk and dawn or to be wholly indoor pets, an advantage as most people now prefer to keep their pets indoors.
Very popular with first time pedigree cat buyers, their well bred but not extreme appearance appeals as essentially cat.

A distinguishing feature of the Australian Mist cat is that their base coat is not white, it is a very light light cream. So any cat that is said to be Australian Mist and has a base colour is not a true Australian Mist cat.

Another lovely trait of this beautiful breed is that you can train them like a dog from a young age (any age in fact). They will sit, come and also play fetch.

This breed is also good with other cats and also people. Nothing really phases them. They are chilled and very playful. Another distinguishing characteristic is their desire just to be near you.

All in all with the Australian Mist cat breed, you get a hearty, healthy very easy going cat, with striking markings that is very easy to care for. And they have personality plus.