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The Bombay cat is a stunning cat and can look like a small black panther. They are a short haired domesticated cat, closely related to the Burmese, but the Bombay is a little larger with longer legs and a longer body.

They are a medium sized cat with a solid muscular body. Their coat is jet black to the roots, short to medium in length with a fine and satiny texture with a high sheen.


Bombay cats are super inquisitive, fun-loving and extremely affectionate. They can become very attached their owners and so clingy that some people call them ‘Velcro cats’!

Outstanding Features:

  • A shiny coat that is jet black to the roots glossy coating
  • Even its paw pads are black
  • The Bombays muscular medium sized body is really deceiving, they weigh more than they appear to (usually around 12 pounds) – that is unless they are overfed, so you have to control the amount they eat!
  • The Bombay has copper coloured eyes, which are large, round and widely set apart
  • They don’t shed as much as some other breeds, so they’re easy to groom by brushing at least once a week to keep their coat shiny
  • They make good family pets

In general Bombay cats have few issues to keep in mind:

  • They can suffer from gingivitis
  • They can have some sinus problems and snuffly noses

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