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Choosing A Siamese Kitten


Are you considering a Siamese cat as your next pet? Siamese kittens can have a multitude of problems if they are bred in an unhealthy environment. So what should you look for?


Clear Eyes
Siamese kittens have striking blue eyes that become one of the popular breed’s trademarks. If you find the Siamese kitten’s eyes seem having a problem in focusing or have much discharge, it means this cat may have problems later on.

Smooth, Clean Coat
After checking their eyes, you then should make sure the Siamese kittens that you choose has a smooth and clean coat. There are short haired and long haired varieties of the breed so the type of coat may differ from each other but the smoothness should be there as well as the cleanliness. Cleanliness is a thing that is generally natural to a cat no matter what breed it is.

A healthy cat is usually inquisitive and curious and so it is important to make certain that your Siamese kitten show shows this behaviour. If your Siamese kitten shows signs that it is a shy cat it may have some problems with socialization when introduced to other cats or other pets.