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10 Reasons To Adopt An Older Cat!


Older cats make purr-fect pets! If you’re thinking of adopting a kitten, consider a senior cat instead. They are often overlooked at animal shelters and it’s hard to find them furrever homes.


Benefits Of Adopting An Older Cat

  • They demand less and they give more. You will find that the love that you get from an older animal is just unparalleled.
  • They tend to be less willfully destructive. Less in the way of marking, or if they don’t get their way, they pee somewhere and they can scratch up everything.
  • They may have physical problems that we see manifest in older cats. But in terms of behavioural problems, there is a a lot less when it comes to older cats versus kittens.
  • If you work a lot, you don’t really want a kitten in your house as they are going to be demanding of you. With an older cat, you don’t really have to worry that much about constantly entertaining them. Of course, we want to keep them mentally stimulated and physically stimulated as well. But that doesn’t mean they demand it the way younger cats do and that makes for a much calmer house for the most part.
  • When you get an older cat, a senior cat, you know what you’re getting. You know if they have a history with other cats or dogs. You know how tolerant they are of children and how they’ll integrate into your house . When you get a kitten, you’re not sure what you’re getting, in terms of the personality.

There is a problem in terms of housing older animals, they are less popular so they are not going to get adopted as fast. If you are adopting an older animal, you should be able to take care of that cat, dog, or whatever. That means that the vet bills will be higher. You do have to commit to bringing your senior cat in for an annual wellness exam.
Just because a cat, or a dog has certain set routines doesn’t mean that we can’t change them over time.