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Why You Shouldn’t Declaw Your Cat


Declawing is not a nail trim. It is the amputation of the ends of a cat’s toes. There are many countries and states in which declawing cats is either illegal or considered extremely inhumane and only performed under extreme circumstances. Declawing a cat could have potential health, balance and behaviour problems down the road, also the cat might not want to use the litter box because it makes it more painful for them to dig if they don’t have claws.


Scratching is normal cat behaviour. Cats scratch to remove the dead husks from their claws, mark territory, and stretch their muscles. If you feel you need to do something about your cats claws, there are alternatives – you could go to a pet supply store and buy soft plastic claw caps which you can apply to your kitten’s or cat’s claws. It will protect furniture and rugs without injuring your fur baby. They don’t cost much and work well.