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The Birman Cat


If you need a gentle, loving and non fussy cat, then Birman cat can be one of the ideal options. Apart from their looks, personality is another factor that makes Birman cats popular as pets.



The body colour of these cats is either golden or egg shell colour and they have certain recognized colour points too. These points include the face, ears, feet and tail. The kittens are born snow white and they develop colour points within two weeks. Birman cats have brilliant blue eyes, small ears, and white ‘gloves’ on their feet.


Their personality is gentle, loving, loyal and devoted, they are attached to their owners and other family members. Well suited for elderly people, they also relate well to children and other pets. It is better to keep them inside the house as their friendly nature may lead to them being attacked by other cats and dogs. These cats are intelligent so it is easy to train them. Male Birman cats are said to be very talkative in nature, but, these cats have very soft enjoyable voice.

These large and stocky cats have silky coat with semi long hair. The fur of Birman cats is not prone to matting, but regular grooming keeps it looking good. In general, these cats are healthy with a lifespan of around ten to thirteen years.