Donskoy 2860

The Donskoy is a hairless cat that may resemble the Sphynx, but is a breed all its own. Because of its hairless nature, these cats require regular baths and grooming. These cats have the ability to generate a number of different reactions, from shock to delight, to wonderment or even aversion.
If you are considering a Donskoy as a pet then you need to forget what an “ordinary” cat is expected to look or even be like. They have large shell type ears, long strong legs and tail, and stunning eyes.


Highly intelligent and loyal to their owner, these cats are smart, lively and behave themselves rather more like children than like cats. They also tend to take on their owners personality which makes for some very interesting entertainment. The Donskoy is very friendly, intelligent and loving. Owners can expect to spend many years with their Donskoy as they are said to live between 12 and 15 years!


  • The Donskoy is known for its small size, it often weighs between 6 lbs to 12 lbs. This cat would fit well in a small sized home!
  • The Donskoy is considered a hairless cat breed, though some Donskoys have either patchy fur or very short peach-fuzz fur.
  • Donskoys have a wizened or alien appearance due to their almond-shaped eyes, enormous upright ears, and wrinkled skin that has the texture of soft suede or leather.
  • The Donskoy is a medium-sized cat with an elegant, muscular build and long, tapering tail.
  • Its back legs are longer than its front legs, a good feature for jumping.
  • Donskoy paws are oval with long slender toes.

More About The Donskoy

The Donskoy – Don Sphynx Cat is a small sized, hairless coated cat breed that is said to have been originally bred in Russia. The first Donskoy was a stray that had the good fortune to be rescued by professor Elena Kovaleva in 1987. Not long after the rescue, Varvara began losing her fur but various veterinary treatments failed to restore Varvara’s coat.
Varvara eventually gave birth to kittens of her own, some furred and others hairless, and even the kittens that were born with fur began to lose it at around the same age as their mother had.
A cat breeder named Irina Nemikina took an interest in one of these kittens and used it as the foundation cat to establish a new breed called the Don Sphynx (Varvara was found near the river Don and Sphynx is associated with hairlessness in cats). However, The International Cat Association chose to list the breed as the Donskoy, which became its official name.


  • The skin of the Don is similar to human skin: it sweats when they are hot, it burns if the sun is too hot, and it sun-tans.
  • When cold weather appears their bodies accumulate fat in an area called the fatty belly only to disappear when the warm season returns.
  • They are hairless, so they don’t need combing and they never shed. They are free from musk odour and the males rarely, if ever spray. However they are inclined to sweat so need daily wiping with cloths as well as regular bathing.
  • Due to their high body temperature, the Donskoy need more food than other breeds. Their high body temperature helps them to resist infections. Adult Donskoy possess high immunity to most diseases, but it is important to keep them away from draughty places.