Dwelf 2860

The Dwelf is a mix of breeds – Munchkin, Sphynx and American Curl. The Dwelf cat is a new cat breed and combines the short legs of the Munchkin cat, the hairless trait of the Sphynx cat and the curled ears of the American Curl. The result is a unique looking cat.

This is a small, hairless cat with short legs and slightly curled ears. The short body, neck and legs are heavily muscled giving the cat a solid, stout appearance.


They are wonderful little cats who adore their humans and are amenable to being handled.
They are known to be sociable and friendly, active and playful.
Their short legs do not restrict them in anyway. Climbing is not a problem, they will find inventive ways of getting onto beds and cupboards.
These cats are very agile and athletic and do run around, climb and jump and they can be quite mischievous.


  • Dwelf cats are small, stocky cats with well rounded abdomens.
  • They have powerful, very short and well developed legs. (Their legs should never hinder their movement). The front legs may be slightly bowed and their oval-shaped paws have prominent knuckles.
  • The Dwelf cat’s tail is slender, long and flexible and hair on the tip is permissible. The tail tapers from the base to a pointed tip.
  • Their head is slightly longer than it is wide and they have quite prominent cheekbones.
  • Their ears which are large and the tips of the ears should be flexible, round and slightly curled.
  • They have large, almond-shaped eyes that are set at a slight slant.

More About The Dwelf

In 2008, a new type of cat appeared. It had the hairless body and face of a Sphynx, the short legs of a munchkin, and curled ears that resembled those of an American Curl cat. Cat breeder Stephanie Osborne in Arkansas named it the Dwelf – a combination of “dwarf” and “elf.”

This is a new cat breed and not as yet accepted by all cat registries, however, this breed is fully recognized by the Dwarf Cat Association and The International Cat Association TICA has accepted the breed under its Experimental New Breed category.


  • The Dwelf cat is a medium to high maintenance cat breed and whilst shedding is minimal, they do need regular bathing to keep their skin soft, clean and supple.
  • These cats need to be kept indoors for a number of reasons: Hairless cats can get sunburn, they are sensitive to extreme heat and cold. They also need to be kept warm, so owners will need to invest in cat clothing and ‘igloo’-type bedding.
  • Their ears do produce excessive wax and will need to be cleaned daily.
  • Claw trimming is required every 2 weeks.