Maine Coon 1

A Maine Coon is a very intelligent and playful creature and its peaceful nature makes it a pleasant companion. The Maine Coon is known for its large size, easygoing temperament, and rugged appearance.

A very large cat natural breed, Maine Coon are to be found in North America, the state of Maine.
Maine Coon weighs up to 12 kilos (24 pounds), and generally has an average weight of 6-9 (13-20 pounds) for male adults and a bit less (7-11) for female adult cats. Still male coons can raise up to one meter in length. For instance in 2006 the longest coon measured 122cm. They generally take four or five years to reach their full size both in length and in weight.

Information from the video – some extra points to note.

  • The “M” on the forehead is a very common feature in all breeds of cat with a tabby fur pattern, it is not unique to Maine Coons.
  • Apparently Mrs Norris was a Norwegian Forest cat, not a Maine Coon (According to the Chamber of Secrets DVD) but as Maine Coons are descendants of Norwegian Forest Cats I suppose it is okay to make that mistake.

    The most frequent colour or pattern for this breed is brown tabby; nevertheless, Maine Coons can have mostly any colour, including the so-called tortoiseshell, safe for the Siamese pattern, lavender, chocolate or ticked tabby patterns. The colour of the eyes can also differ from individual to individual. Patterns may have green, golden-green, blue eyes, or even eyes of different colours each.

    These cats are sometimes ironically called “Mane Coons” because their fur resembles the mane of a lion. Their fur has, like in the case of other cat breeds, two layers-a sort of undercoat and an extra layer of longer hair which provides the breed with its typical physical appearance. Generally they have a very soft fur, and they also have long fur on their legs back (also called britches or pantaloons), and also hair between their toes, which ensures them with warmness during the cold season. Their tails are bushy, squirrel-like, and their heads have angular shape, whereas their ears have “Lynx-tips”, i.e. some pieces of fur. Due to their very thick tails, the Maine Coons are sometimes defined as “the tail with a cat attached to it.”

    Most of these animals do not need any grooming from the part of their owners, as they can take extremely good care of themselves and their physique. They have large ears which are tipped at the end with hair, and this gives them the resemblance with the Lynx. Some may have tufts of fur growing from behind their ears on the sides of their heads. The appearance of these tufts can change over time, sometimes appearing quite large and sometimes being not all that noticeable.

    Another interesting fact related to the Maine Coon is the occurrence of the polydactyl element within this type of feline. “Polydactyly” refers to the physical aspect of having one or more extra toes on their paws. This feature is increasingly popular among cat breeders as they thus can show more dexterity in their movements as well as more intelligence than those with normal feet. Such cats often bear the nickname of “snowshoe”, because they can walk through snow more easily. Yet in most cases they are simply called “polys.”

    Although Maine Coons are an original Native breed, with its origins going back in ancient times, nowadays breed has certainly been touched by the human science of improving animal breeds. Despite this, typical, original Native representatives of this very peculiar cat-type are still to be found even these days in Maine. Such cats are absolutely essential for the healthy development and also for ensuring the survival of this special breed.

    As far as their behaviour is concerned, Maine Coons possess a lot of natural intelligence, they are generally very peaceful and even obedient towards their owners, thus being quite similar with dogs. They like to follow their human companions wherever they go. Although they are not very likely to sit on your lap, they can be very playful and imaginative. They love to fetch things. They produce a very particular sound, a sort of mixture between meowing and purring.