Scottish Fold

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Such cute faces! Scottish Folds are round in many ways: face, body shape and whisker pads.

Their thick, resilient coat comes in both shorthair and longhair lengths. This breed comes in virtually every colour and pattern except solid lilac, chocolate and colour pointed.




The Scottish Fold has a temperament that is generally sweet, bright and quiet with an easy-going nature. .


Breeders describe the Scottish Fold as an “owl in a cat suit” due to its folded back ears, big, expressive eyes and smiling grin.

The Story Of The Scottish Fold

The story of the Scottish Fold takes place in 1961 when a shepherd named William Ross spotted a white barn cat named Susie with ears folded forward and downward at a neighbours’ farm. She looked like a cuddly owl. He adopted a white kitten from Susie’s litter and later bred that cat to local farm cats and British Shorthairs. These litters led to the foundation for the Scottish Fold breed.

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scottish fold


Your Scottish Fold will require minimal care and they are a real treasure to have in your home. They will require weekly brushing; cleaning of ears, eyes and teeth; clipping of claws; an occasional bath with a good shampoo when needed; a well-balanced diet high in vitamins, minerals and protein; fresh water daily; adequate space for exercise in a clean, indoor environment; and most important, lots of love.