Siamese 4

With their sleek lines, striking colour contrast, aristocratic heads, deep blue almond eyes, and short silky short, the Siamese is an extremely beautiful and elegant cat. This distinctive cat sometimes has a reputation for being mean, but are Siamese cats really like the singing twins in the ‘Lady and the Tramp’ cartoon?

The Siamese cat is a very affectionate and loyal breed of domestic cat and usually it prefers human company over anything else including other cats and animals. The breed is described to be social, intelligent and playful into adulthood. Their Thai time name means “Moon Diamond”

Find out more about the Siamese breed and what kind of pets they make.


Siamese cats are affectionate and social animals. They are good with children and adults. However, they demand to be entertained but they will also keep you happy in return. Take note that they are the type of animal that likes to climb to high in your home. They can also be loud, as they like to talk and they have harsh voices.

Behaviour and Lifespan

Siamese cats are said to be the most intelligent among cat breeds. They are loved for their playful and affectionate nature. These cats are very sociable, need human company and demand attention. They are attached to their owners and cannot easily get adapted to new environment and strangers. They have a loud voice, which is similar to the cries of a human baby. These cats have a good lifespan, as compared to other cat breeds. They have a life expectancy of up to 20 years.