The Kurilian Bobtail

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The Kurilian Bobtail naturally evolved on the Kuril Islands, a remote archipelago between Siberia and Japan, making these cats the ultimate survival experts. Kurilian Bobtails are valued highly by the Islanders because of their incredible mousing skills. When they hunt alone these super cats have been known to catch a salmon weighing up to ten or twelve pounds.


Bobtails are rare, partly because they don’t produce as many litters as other cats, they generally have only one litter year, whereas the domestic shorthair cat can have as many as four or five litters per year.

One of the most endearing things about these super cats is their short tail – each one is as unique as a fingerprint.

A muscular build means they can tip the scales at fifteen pounds, while the smaller females are around 11 pounds. Their coat can be short or semi long and their coats come in lots of colours from reds to grays to Bobcat stripes.

How Are They As Pets?

  • They get along very well with children, dogs and other pets.
  • They are versatile enough to adapt any household and as a natural breed these robust healthy cats can live for fifteen to twenty years.
  • Grooming a Kurilian Bobtail is easy as the fur is soft and smooth to the touch. A weekly brush will be enough to keep their fur in good order.

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In general the Kurilian Bobtail is healthy, with no breed specific problems, and grooming is easy, just brushing or twice per week. For families with children or dogs they’re good pets.