The Persian

Persian 4

Cuddly, cute, loving and gentle, these are just a few words to describe the very beautiful Persian cats. Persians adapt well to an indoor environment and are generally quiet, calm and totally laid-back. Their sweet and gentle personalities blend well into most households.
They communicate delightfully with their large expressive eyes and make charming pets for all ages. They are also extremely affectionate and loving cats, always responsive to their humans.

These cats first arrived in Europe in the XVI century. These came from the Ottoman Empire. It is believed by many that these originally came from Iran (Persia) and some of the neighbouring countries. It was in the year 1614; the Persian longhairs were discovered by Europeans. There are many debates about the origins of the Persian cats. Their popularity grew very rapidly in England. The Europeans were known to have greatly loved the silken fur coat of these cats. Soon, these beautiful creatures were exported to the United States and other parts of the world as well.

Behaviour Patterns
They are known to be very good-natured cats and playful as well. Most cats are playful by nature and this is one factor all cat lovers should know by now! These beautiful cats are also very affectionate. Such cats prefer a comfortable and calm atmosphere to live. This is probably because they are very gentle as well.

General Appearance
Persian cats have a very thick and beautiful coat. Their shortened muzzle is one of the distinctive characteristics of these cats. They have a short and a broad body. They have a short neck and large round shaped eyes. The face of the Persian cat sometimes is shaped differently, including the modern and flat-faced shape or even a doll face shaped Persian cat.
The traditional shape is more balanced in its appearance as far as the features are concerned. Here, the mouth and the nose are located close to the eyes. The photographs of the Persian cats from the ancient days till date would show a difference in the shape of the face. Some of these cats have a flat face as well.
Persian cats have certain colour markings on their fur at times. Some of them have shaded and smoky colours, whereas there are few cats that have silver or golden shades. The fur of the Persian cat is such that it makes it very easy to distinguish from other cats.

Grooming and Care
It is solely because of their long fur that you will need to take care of the grooming and bathing habits for these beautiful cats. Other breeds of cats may not require frequent grooming as compared to the Persian cats. Therefore, if you are planning to have one as a pet, make sure that you have enough time on hand to pamper these feline creatures.
Persian cats need to be groomed on a daily basis. Daily brushing and bathing is important. This helps to keep the fur from getting tangled too much. Their eyes need cleaning on a regular basis. This is because many cats of this breed may find it a problem to do it on their own.