The Russian Blue Cat


The Russian Blue is a cat that can charm even dog lovers with its affectionate and loyal character. The most obvious characteristic of a Russian Blue cat breed would be its silvery-blue coat. The cat’s body is slender, medium-sized and is covered with a lovely blue-grey silky coat. The fur is blue with silver edges, and these edges give the cat quite a shimmering look. It has deep green, almond-shaped eyes. Russian Blues are notorious for their high level of intelligence and playful disposition. However, they seem to be quite shy around people they don’t know. This type of cat can be trained very easily, as it is quite a fast learner.


The Russian Blue can sometimes be confused with similar looking breeds, such as British Shorthair, Korat or Chartreux.
The British Shorthair resembles a cute little teddy bear. It has a rather round, chubby face and round copper eyes. And it also can come in more colours than the Russian Blue.
The Korat comes from Thailand and can be distinguished by its really big eyes and the fact that its head has the shape of a heart.
The Chartreux, a French breed, is a large and muscular cat with golden/copper eyes instead of deep green.

Russian Blues love to find out new things, so they “study” any person or thing that appears in their life. They are generally quiet, respectful pets, unless they are bored, neglected or stressed. In this case, they are likely to make a mess of everything that comes in their way, so watch out!

They prefer to be handled with care, and so prefer adult owners to small children. One of the things they love most is to feel the safety of indoor life. So they can spend hours on end looking out of the window.

Another great advantage of this type of cat, apart from its loveliness, is their being extremely clean pets. Blues are, in all, a very healthy breed. As compared to other rather modern breeds of cats, the Russian Blue is a natural breed.