The Snowshoe Cat

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With the personality of a Siamese and colouring that is all its own, Snowshoes are very vocal and affectionate. The Snowshoe cat personality is the one that you would want for your pet. Playful, yet mellow, seeking attention yet comfortable to be left with another feline, attached to the owner, yet very friendly with the rest of the family. It is the gregarious yet adjusting Snowshoe personality that makes this cat an adorable pet.


These cats are intelligent animals so be sure to lock doors and cabinets as these cats can open them. Some can even open the refrigerator door! These cats seem to pick quite a few tricks with considerable ease. They love to carry objects in their mouth like their Siamese cousin and enjoy retrieving objects that you might throw to be brought back.

The origin of the Snowshoe cat in America is relatively recent. It is a rare breed that was the result of interbreeding a Siamese cat with an American Shorthair during the 1960s by a Siamese cat breeder Dorothy Hinds-Daugherty and it was the Snowshoe personality that endeared it to most people, and thus, catapulted the cat to its popularity.

Besides its beautiful coat of solid and white patterns, it is the balanced Snowshoe personality that has added to the popularity of this cat. Usually calm yet demanding when it does not get enough attention, Snowshoe cats are friendly cats that adjust well with people as well as other cats in the household.


  • Snowshoe cats have a medium build. These are sturdy cats with an athletic body that is long with legs of medium length.
  • The coat of this cat breed is short to medium, bright and soft. The coat colour should have point colouration with a light, pale body colour and darker extremities.
  • A typical snowshoe should have white collared paws so that these cats look as if they have just had a walk in the snow (which give them their name) and the standard white, inverted V marking on their face covering the nose and the muzzle.

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  • The head may be triangular or an apple shape. It has a flat forehead and large ears with rounded tips.
  • The most mesmerizing physical feature of this cat is the eyes that are a bright shade of clear, crystal blue.


  • It is an adorable breed that is liked for its friendly and calm nature.
  • These cats are known to be fond of human company and make a good choice for those with a family. Although these cats may show greater attachment to a particular member of a family, they gel well with other members as well.
  • These cats do not like to be left alone. Although of a docile nature, they may express their displeasure at being left alone just quite as animatedly as their more talkative Siamese relatives, although in a much mellower voice. Nevertheless, they will be quite persistent in registering their complaints. Hence, next time you want to go out of the house, ensure that your snowshoe has some company. One plus point of the Snowshoe cat personality is that these animals are comfortable with other felines or kittens of the house. So if they are not with a family member, they would not mind being left with another cat while the owner is out of home.
  • Although of a calm disposition, these cats are very energetic and playful.
  • Snowshoes are extremely good around children and do not get disturbed by noise.
  • These cats are fond of high places and are often found perched at some elevated place in the house.
  • They also like water and running water seems to hold a strange attraction for these cats. It is not difficult to give a bath to these cats and they enjoy playing with swiping at the water falling from a tap.

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