The Tonkinese


Tonkinese are lively, friendly, often talkative cats that live well in apartments. The Tonkinese cat breed originated in Southeast Asia hundreds of years ago. They are a relative of the Siamese cat and look very similar to the Siamese and Havana Brown cat breeds. Their body is firm and muscular with a medium-short, fine coat that requires very minimal grooming. The Tonkinese is a higher-energy cat that loves to play and receive attention. These cats are intelligent and enjoy playing with toys. They may be vocal at times and are very docile. This cat breed gets along well with children and other pets. They make a great house cat for just about any type of owner from singles to families with children.



Like most other cat breeds, the Tonkinese may be prone to certain health conditions and possible accidents in its lifetime.

One common health concern that Tonkinese cats are known to have are respiratory difficulties.

Should you decide to bring add a Tonkinese cat to the family, there are some points to consider.

  • When bringing home a Tonkinese kitten, it is important to kitten-proof your home as these cats can be very curious and get into mischief easily.
  • You may also find a full-grown Tonkinese cat from a shelter or elsewhere which may be easier to handle because older cats have possibly already gone through basic toilet training and house training.
  • A Tonkinese cat would make a great addition to the family, but it is important to be fully ready for the commitment of a new pet to ensure that both your family and your new pet have a long and happy life.

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